Membership Application

Print this page, fill it out, then mail it, along with your check made payable to UNION CITY SPORTSMENS CLUB, to the mailing address shown at the bottom of the application.

Our dues run from October 1 to Sept. 30 and include the use of all the ranges and 167 acres of land.  We have a nice club and want you to be a part of it!

Please let us know which ranges you use at the Club:

______ Rifle       _______ Skeet    _______ Trap

Adult Membership: $30.00 ———Juniors (17 & under): $5.00———   Family Membership (Spouse and children under 18): $45.00

Name: ________________________________________

Address: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________ City:________________

State: ____Zip Code: ______  Phone: (      )__________________

Date of Birth (Juniors only): _________________

Email Address: ________________________________________

Mail to:    Union City Sportsmens Club
                  P.O. Box 349
                  Union City, PA 16438

Notes:  Meetings are held at 7:00PM, at the clubhouse, normally on the first Thursday of each month, except if that day happens to be a holiday.

Life members.  If you have not been receiving your yearly membership card with the new gate combination, it is probably due to our club secretary not having your latest mailing address.   Please fill out an application, send in or bring it to the club, and get on our current mailing list.

2 thoughts on “Membership Application”

  1. If I have a membership, I cannot bring a guest such as my son or girlfriend to use the rifle range? I would have to buy memberships for them as well? Is there a handgun area as well?

    1. Randy. I’m assuming you currently have just an adult membership, but as it says on our online membership application, an adult membership is good only for one person. A family membership is good for you, your spouse, and for children under 18.
      We have no handgun range as such. You must use the rifle range backstops, standing closer if necessary, but only if there are no rifle shooters at the benches.

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