Results – 2017 Fish Fry Open

The 2017 Fish Fry Open began Friday July 14 with the doubles event starting under sunny, humid , and breezy weather, although before shooting was finished for the day, one could feel the humidity dropping and we finished on a very nice summers day.  Nineteen shooters went at it with some very nice scores turned in given the stiff breeze.


Chris Kline took high gun with a really solid 99.  Dan Rogowski took runner up over Kody Hoth after going five stations in a shoot-off of 97’s.  AA1 went to Ken Riddile with a 94.  A1 was taken by Kody with his 97 and the other 97 by John Brickner gave him A2.  John unfortunately missed out on the 97 shoot-off by leaving the club a little bit too soon.  B1 went to club President Mike Wojtecki with a solid 89.  Scott Holman’s 88 was good for B2.  C1 was taken by Lou Brickner with a 84 while C2 went to Ron Johnson with a 82.  D1 went to Marie Palmer who broke 74 and Willis Proctor took D2 with a 67.


Kody Hoth, 12 ga champ

Saturdays 12 ga competition began on a cloudy and on occasion, drizzly morning but by early afternoon and the 20 ga event, the sun came out for a really nice finish to the day.  26 shooters took part with Kody Hoth and Matt Littlefield running all 100.  Kody outlasted Matt in the shoot-off to claim the top spot and Matt runner-up.  Here are the rest of the 1st and 2nd place class winners.

AA1 – Steve Troy – 99

AA2 – Ken Riddile – 99

A1 – Paul Augustin – 99

A2 – Mike Zavasky – 97

B1 – Rick Rupprecht – 97

B2 – Bruce Raymond – 96

C1 – Mark Johnson – 96

C2 – Brad Schweitzer – 95

D1 – Aaron Rhinehart – 92

D2 – Willis Proctor – 82

E1 – Marie Palmer – 82


Ken Riddile, 20 ga champ

26 shooters again vied for the 20 ga prize.  Ken Riddile ran the only 100 for the top spot.  Steve Troy outlasted Chris Kline for runner-up after both  posted 99’s.

AA1 – Chris Kline – 99

AA2 – Mike Zavasky – 98

A1 – Dan Rogowski – 94

A2 – Matt Littlefield – 93

B1 – Kody Hoth – 98

B2 – Scott Holman – 98

C1 – Rick Rupprecht – 98

C2 – Keith Snow – 91

D1 – Willis Proctor – 85

D2 – Marie Palmer – 84


Matt Littlefield, 28 ga champ

24 shooters competed for the 28 ga championship.  Matt Littlefield came out on top with a sweet 100 while Chris Kline, Dan Rowgowski, and Rick Rupprecht shot-off for runner-up after all posted 97’s.  Chris came out on top.

AA1 – Kody Hoth – 96

AA2 – Ken Riddile – 91

A1 – Tim Botwright – 94

A2 – Mike Zavasky – 94

B1 – Dan Rogowski – 97

B2 – Ron Johnson – 95

C1 – Rick Rupprecht – 97

C2 – Bruce Raymond – 92

D1 – Marie Palmer – 80

D2 – Willis Proctor – 79

.410 BORE:

Ken Riddile, .410 bore champ

Ken Riddile won this gun with a 97 while Chris Kline won the shoot-off with Dale Snow and was runner-up  with a 96.  24 shooters participated.  Please note that George Kirik and his score was accidentally left off the score sheet.  George shot a 77 in D class. Our apologies George.

A1 – Kody Hoth – 95

A2 – Matt Littlefield – 92

B1 – Dale Snow – 96

B2 – Tim Botwright – 95

C1 – Ron Johnson – 93

C2 – Lou Brickner – 88

D1 – Keith Snow – 84

D2 – Mark Johnson – 81


Chris Kline, HOA class 1 champ
Rick Rupprecht, HOA class 2 champ

The HOA results for those that entered can be seen in the picture below.  Chris Kline came out on top in class 1 with a 391 while Rick Rupprecht  posted a 379 after maintaining his lead in class 2 after posting a 87 in the .410 bore.  The shoot-off between Chris and Rick to see who would get his choice of duck decoys, carved and painted by Steve Best, was won by Chris.  He chose the Northern Shoveler drake with Rick then getting the Redhead drake.  Beth Best sewed the camo deke bags for the winners to tote their prizes home.

HOA score sheet

Obviously this shoot would be impossible to put on without  all the volunteers that helped to keep the club looking awesome, shoot registration, the Lake Erie perch and walleye being caught, cleaned and prepared, trap machine replenishment, and not to mention the great job the breakfast and lunch crew did.  Be sure to thank each of these people when you see them!

Shoot management:  Mike Wojtecki

Referees: Milt Lang, John Jackson, Chuck Isaac, Steve Best, Mike Wojtecki, Paul Huckno, and Travis Monday.

Registration & Scoring:  Dave Minella

Food & Drinks: Kim and Shannon Schweitzer, Mike Wojtecki, Anita Rogowski, Joe Fisher, Beth Best, and Miss Maddie.

Fishermen: Mike Wojtecki, Steve Best, and Paul Huckno.

Trap replenishment: Joe Fisher, Shannon and Greg Schweitzer, Bud Proctor, and Ben Long.

Club grounds: Mike Wojetcki, Steve Best, Shannon Schweitzer, Bud Proctor, and Joe Fisher.


Representative for White Flyer targets, Robert Crow,  generously provided the club with some caps that were given away as door prizes at the Saturday night fish fry.  If your club is in need of targets, you can do no better than White Flyer.  Give Robert a call at 443-988-8393 and tell him that the Union City Sportsmens club sent you.

Mike fryin em up

Northern Shoveler drake
Redhead drake




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