Latest Club News

10/30/23-Added 2024 Registered Shoots page.

8/8/23-Added letter to Latest Presidents Message page.  Updated Home page.  Updated prices for 2024 memberships on Membership Application page.  Added 2023 Ken Hanlin Skeet/Trap League page.

6/30/23-Added note to Home & 2023 Registered Shoots pages stating the rifle range will be closed July 7-9 during our Fish Fry Open.

4/11/23-Added 2023 Fish Fry Open mailer to 2023 Registered Shoots page.

3/22/23-Changed dates of our Fish Fry Open on 2023 Registered Shoots page.

3/20/23-Added Spring Cleanup dates to Home Page.

3/20/23-Added Big Gun Open program to 2023 Registered Shoots page.

3/13/23-Added final results of Winter Skeet/Trap league.

12/20/22-Added 2023 Registered Shoot page.

12/9/22-Sunday Feb 5th 2023 will be the first week of our winter skeet/trap league.

12/9/22-Come spring and better weather, be sure to come out and shoot UC’s version of 5 stand.  We introduced this game 11/6/22 to add a new and fun sport for our club shotgun shooters.  Winter weather and snow conditions just do not make setup and control of targets much fun.  Who knows, if we get great shooter support and volunteering, we might be able to improve our 5 stand controls and target presentations.  Let’s hope target and ammo prices don’t destroy the games we all love.

10/31/22-New hats have arrived:  The hats as shown above are now available for $20 a piece.  Come to the club during skeet/trap shooting hours (see Skeet & Trap page) or during a club meeting night to pick up yours before they’re gone.

ATTENTION: Beginning November 1, 2022, skeet and trap rounds will go from $4 to $5 in order to accumulate enough funds to cover the next purchase of clay targets.  As you may have heard, targets and shipping costs have risen considerably in the last year.  The new $5 per round price is now pretty much standard around the area.  Cross your fingers that oil and fuel prices start coming down soon and be sure to vote this November.

!!! HUNTERS:  Be advised that our club grounds are NOT open to Sunday hunting!