Results-2021 Fish Fry Open presented by Pet Supplies Plus

July 9th thru the 11th saw our 2021 Fish Fry Open, gratefully presented by Mike Zavasky and his Pet Supplies Plus stores, was a mixed bag weather wise but delivered some excellent scores due to a number of excellent shooters attending.

We lucked out Friday just squeezing in the doubles event, presented by the Kent Ferguson family, before some light rain showed up.  19 shooters participated this  year.  Kenny Riddile dropped but one for a 99 which gave him this event.  Matt Lenehan finished one back for the runner-up spot.  AA1 went to Matt’s dad Bernie after his 96 with Kody Hoth getting AA2 breaking 95.  Tom Shields took B1 with 95; B2 went to Tim Botwright breaking 92; and Mike Zavasky’s 91 good for B3.  Jerry Reeves took C1 breaking 92 and D1 went to Bud Proctor with his 68.

Doubles scores

Saturday brought generally blue skies with a few puffy clouds and a just enough breeze to keep us comfortable.  The morning 12 ga event, sponsored by American Legion LeBaron Post 327, saw Matt Lenehan and Tom Shields “run em all”.  They met in the shoot-off where Matt prevailed with Tom taking runner-up.  AA class saw Kurt Suprynowicz best first time registered shooter Knut Burstrom in a shoot-off of 98’s to take the class. Knut would go on to post solid scores throughout the weekend as you will see.  Paul Augustin took A1 with a 97 followed by Kenny Riddile in 2nd with his 95.  B class saw George Kirik best Tim Botwright in a shoot-off of 97’s.  Joe Fisher surprised everyone but himself with a smooth 99 handily taking C1.  A shoot-off of 95’s between Charlie Lombardo and Ron Johnson saw Charlie win out.  Ben Long took D1 with a nice 96 and E1 went to Bud Proctor who broke 83.  24 shooters participated.

A lunch of grilled burgers and dogs along with french fries awaited those who chose to fuel up between events.  Thanks to Joe Fisher who put down a hot shotgun to do the grilling while trying to eat his own lunch.  Club President and shoot chairman Mike Wojtecki did the frying and Beth Best, Mike Lutzo, and Ed Kopay also helped serve the hungry shooters.

Matt Lenehan, 12, 28, 410 and HOA champ

Saturday afternoon’s 20 ga event, presented again by Pet Supplies Plus, saw two more 100’s by Kurt Suprynowicz and Mike FerchawKurt won the shoot-off to take the event.  It was Mike’s first visit to our club and indicated he liked what he saw and hoped to be back.  AA1 went to Bernie Lenehan who showed no mercy to his son Matt when they shot-off 99’s.  Mike Zavasky took A1 with his 98 while Kody Hoth’s 97 was good for A2.  B class was settled in another shoot-off of 98’s between squad mates Dave Wilke and Tim Botwright with Dave coming out on top.  Charlie Lombardo snagged C1 with a 97 followed by Ron Johnson’s 96 for C2.  D1 went to first time Fish Fry shooter John Tucker following a shoot-off of 83’s against Bud Proctor.  23 shooters competed.

As our shoot name implies, Saturday evening after the shoot-offs, is time for our fish fry.  Paul Huckno kindly supplied and cooked some Lake Erie walleye.  Mike Wojtecki also supplied some perch which seem to be in short supply in recent years.  Mike’s famous baked baby spuds along corn on the cob, salad, veggies and dip, and numerous baked goods for dessert filled all who attended.  Thanks to all who helped out with the preparation and cleanup afterwards.  You know who you are!

The 22 shooters who took part in Sunday’s 28 ga event, again sponsored by American Legion LeBaron Post 327, saw the weather start out cloudy and go downhill from there.  The first two squads just finished up before the heavens started leaking.  Matt Lenehan led the way again with a solid 99 for the gun champ.  Matt’s dad Bernie prevailed as runner-up in a four-man AA shoot-off of 98’s with Mike Zavasky then getting AA1 and Kody Hoth AA2.  Josh Crofutt had the other 98.  Tim Botwright took A1, outlasting Ernie Anderson in another shoot-off, this time of 97’s, Ernie taking A2.  B1 went to Mike Asel with his 94.  Charlie Lombardo’s 93 was good for C1.  A shoot-off of 82’s determined D1 with John Tucker outlasting Bud Proctor.

Sunday afternoon saw no letup in the rain but Matt Lenehan’s torrid shooting could not be doused.  Pet Supplies Plus’ generous sponsorship continued with the .410 bore event. 21 participants gutted it out.  Matt’s disappointment, for dropping his first low 8 in the 4th box, didn’t last too long after finding out that his lone 98 was still good enough to make him gun champ.  Ernie Anderson was solid once again with his solid 97 for runner-up.  Kurt Suprynowicz fired a nice 95 to snag AA1.  Bernie Lenehan took A1 breaking 96 with Mike Zavasky capturing A2 with a 95.  George Kirik bested Ron Johnson in a shoot-off of 92’s to take B1 with Ron settling for B2.  C1 went to Charlie Lombardo who broke 87 with a 76 good for D1 by Bud Proctor.

The coveted carvings, given to this years optional HOA event winners, were two fish decoys purchased by our club from the Kent Ferguson family.  Of the 10 class 1 shooters (HOA avg 93.88 and up), the winner  was, of course, Matt Lenehan.  His 396 total was 6 clear of the two 390 second place scores.  Class 2 went to Tim Botwright and his 379, beating out 8 others.  Tim, who in addition to being in awe of Matt’s shooting, really didn’t much feel like going out and getting wet again for the traditional method of getting the first choice of decoys, gave Matt his choice of the decoys.  Matt chose the northern pike with Tim taking home the tiger musky.  As some may not know, fish decoys were used, and still might be used, to lure fish in close where they could be speared or caught by hook.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the club volunteers who got the club in shape for this event.  Marc for keeping the clubhouse spotless and keeping the traps loaded with birds.  Mike, mini-Mike, Beth, Joe, and Ed for manning the lunch area.  Paul for his walleye catching, cleaning, and cooking.  Beth and Mike for fixing Saturdays meal.    Chuck Issac and Larry Price for their expert refereeing along with Mike, Stoney and Steve ref’ing the other field.  Mike, Steve, and David for keeping the grass cut.  Thanks again!

Please show your appreciation for the sponsors of our shoot, shown above as well as the following, who were good enough to donate added prize money, by considering them first for your needs.  Shooting sports need them more now than ever before!  THANK YOU!

Duane Jackson Insurance of Union City PA,

Vincent Minella Plumbing of Bridgeville PA,

Canadohta Roller Rink of Union City PA, and

Quinn Agency, LLC of Meadville PA.

Left to right: Matt Lenehan HOA class 1 champ; Mike Wojtecki club president; Tim Botwright HOA class 2 champ

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More photos for your viewing pleasure!

Sponsor Mike Zavasky
Bernie, Knut, & Charlie
Mike Ferchaw
Josh Crofutt
Ernie Anderson
Matt & Knut
Tiger Musky
Northern Pike